Fake “dom” VERSES trained empowered sub.
Know the difference!
Thanks to LH for allowing Me to post this. 


True. Everyone needs to take note, just because you identify as a submissive, doesn’t mean that you have to follow through on everything. Stick up for yourself. If something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.

This is like every guy on collarme

Why I am extremely hesitant about subbing to anyone. Because of fuckers like this.

I am 90% sure that motherfucker is already a rapist. The remaining 10% is the certainty that if he’s not yet, he’s going to be.


As someone who has been somebody’s domme and somebody who constantly practices good (actually great) consent, I can safely say this is how NOT TO BE A DOM(ME) and is how to be a rapist instead. If you catch yourself talking like this guy you need to step back, stop talking and re-evaluate why you think you’re entitled to doing things to people that they don’t want to do.

And as somebody who has been raped by someone who claims to be a dom, this is exactly the kind of way he spoke about biting me after i’d specifically said I do not want any kind of biting or bruising anywhere. He then proceeded to give me over 40 bruise/bite marks during that rape, despite me constantly saying again and again not to.

This is what a rapist disguising themselves as a dom(me) looks like. If you ever catch yourself talking like this to a sub, back the fuck away and re-think things.